By Andrew Schwartz, CPA

Read Part I of this series: MONEY – Find Some Money  or Part II: MONEY – Save Some or Part III: Money – Give some Away

Read About Money:

Check out a list of 37 Must Read Books for Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs as compiled by Ashley Bodi of BusinessBeware.Biz.  Please make sure to pay careful attention to the deeply insightful recommendation #17 regarding the book, “First, Break All The Rules”.

Listen About Money:

Want to hear the soothing tones of my voice as I am interviewed on the topic of tax-savvy and prudent steps to take with your money?  Check out: Prudent Year End Tax Planning Strategies (on Greater Boston Media) (11 minutes).  The interview was actually about year-end planning issues, but George Knight and I discussed many of the items listed in this article which are relevant to taxpayers year round.

Final Words About Money:

I think Jackie Mason sums up the concept of money quite well by saying, “I have enough money to last me the rest of my life, unless I buy something.”


About Andrew Schwartz, CPA

Andrew D. Schwartz, CPA, is a partner with Schwartz & Schwartz, PC, and the founder of The MDTAXES Network.
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